Episode 2 CoverEpisode 2: Using YOUR Voice 

Take the journey with me. I’ll be sharing both when/how I lost my voice, and more importantly, how I got it back. I used some very specific behaviors that I’ll be sharing with you.

As always, you’re encouraged to share any feedback, or your personal story in the comments below. I read every single one, and will be engaging in this vital conversation. I look forward to hearing from you! Please share this podcast with anyone you feel it may serve (in love).

And if you feel ready — Let the conversation begin!


  1. dundeegrl says:

    A lot of us have verbal, physical or sexual abuse in our past and it heavily influences our entire being. Thanks for sharing food for the mind and heart.

  2. Keli says:

    Oh JahSun, The Sweet Universe is always on time. Thank you! My mother has been coming up for me the past week, yesterday I saw a post on “The Mother Wound” and this today!

    I realize now, what has been holding on to me. The “stuff” that I’ve felt for years were never mine. It’s an energy and with what you’ve said, I’ve been contemplating. Ahhh exhaling. More work and that’s the beauty of it. Little Keli is appreciating all of these goodies. We’ve been connecting off and on for the past 6 years, however, now I’m committed to being our mother and father consistently and intentionally.

    Thank you again!


    • JahSun says:

      Hi Keli!
      What beautiful news to hear. Thank you for listening, it means so much. I have zero doubt that “Lil Keli” is the best hands πŸ™‚

  3. Yvette Murray says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing and being so transparent. The common threads in the human experience are many and sooooo thought provoking! Truly embraced the boundary and gate example. Blessings

  4. Naomi Harris says:

    Jah Sun~It’s about 3am and I am beginning my morning with some lavender, coffee and listening.β™‘ I cannot express how much this speaks to my spirit. I cried and smiled while listening, my heart raced and then I felt calm. I admire your bravery and your commitment to reclaiming your voice. In my heart , and as a mama…I just wanted to hold that “little you”. I am so proud of the journey and the healing you have sought and manifested for yourself. I hope you do realize how much this truly means to so many. And the beauty in the fact you are also continuing to heal yourself. Sending love and deep respect. I really enjoyed and give thanks for sharing.

    • Jahsun says:

      Thank you so much for listening! 3am? Wow! That’s early:). I’m happy to learn that this podcast episode resonated. I never use notes, or a script, I just hit record and speak from the heart.

      Have a beautiful Monday!

  5. Mary Janosh says:

    Thank you JahSun again for my AH HA moment! My emotions were always shut down by my parents. Now, when someone asks, ‘what’s wrong?” I never can explain.

    Gotta work on that..Course, I don’t know how..hmmm.. I’ll work on that too..lol

  6. Hannah Rose says:

    No church mouse again. Eyes wide open except this time you fully woke. Thank you for being vulnerable. It gives you great strength. I needed the reminder that healthy boundaries are not walls but fences with gates. Past hurts and heartaches may try and convince us that building walls will protect us but it only creates division and deepens the wounds. We set the parameters for who enters our lives and it takes an incredible amount of self-awareness to stand by what we know we need, deserve and desire. Ill remember to build fences instead of walls and ill work on unlocking the gates. Looking forward to episode on overgiving. One love my brother.

    • JahSun says:

      Hahaha! Now, you can’t shut me up…LOL!!!

      Seriously, so grateful for every single aspect of this life journey. Wouldn’t change a thing!

      Yes! Fences, instead of walls with moats and alligators.

      So proud of you ~ Much Love, Hannah

  7. Donna Smith says:

    It’s now 3.10am.
    Finally got a chance to listen to Episode2
    I was somewhat afraid for you in spirit,
    But as you went on, the courageous youth came in full defensive mood. At that point I see where the manifestation over take it all. As I listen more and more I asked, is he speaking up for all the others that are silent/mute, wanting the ones that I know of hear him/you and still happy for the ones that is listening and follow you. The strength you carry is magnificent, just know that my prayers in love and light are always coming your way. Thank you for your voice!!! Jah bless and guide internal πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’“πŸ™πŸ½

    • JahSun says:

      Hi Donna!

      What a beautiful surprise to hear from you. And, thank you very much for listening to the cast. Yes, it’s an emotional episode, yet I’m so grateful for the experience of it all. How else would I know the true work involved to love oneself?.

      Blessings ALL around ~

  8. Tracey Lin Miller says:

    Jahsun, MAGNIFICENT! I’ve read so many books that spoke of the exact things you share here. The problem is I failed to implement most of them. I’m still the bruised, beaten, humiliated, disregarded child and respond by pushing, shoving, swinging and throwing my voice voluminously when things don’t go my way or my feelings are hurt. I still love the life of an introvert but use the internet to be gregarious, which belies the truth of the choice to be an introvert. It’s just easier. I share this in hopes of making my questions for you clear. What process did you use to internalize the lessons you learned about setting boundaries? How did you move from the place of having the knowledge and using it to benefit your growth? Did you utilize workshops, have a person to practice with or practiced using this knowledge until it became second nature? Perhaps you might be kind enough to clarify your process in assimilating all the information you’ve gathered into a usable foundation. Thanks, Love you always.

    • JahSun says:

      Tracey…Hi to you!

      Great question. My answer may sound weird — but I read no books, aside from a few (meaning 3) blog posts over a couple of years. I did work with a therapist but that’s more about my PTSD healing process…coming up in a future cast, and I’ll have her on too. The boundary thing started with the inner-child work really. Then I just started practicing speaking my truth. As I stated in the episode, trial and error. I honestly avoid filling my head with too much knowledge by way of reading. It seems many consume information, and are stuck with there being too much and they can’t implement. I try to stay in my “heart”, where all the answers lay anyway. Trusting own intuition.

      Bless ~


    Growing up with my grandmother I never felt i had a voice or that I even mattered. Constantly living in fear without being able to voice my opinion was disheartening to me. My parents never really cared much from me most times the atmosphere was cold and stagnant. Most times I would wish i was dead because of the amount of physical, verbal & emotional abuse i endured over the years, which has ignited the anger i harbor within myself. Seems like I’m angry a lot of times i guess which is why i leaned towards football and now currently boxing. Its funny you mentioned you magnatized those same relationships cause i have as well t oo where I am not respected or heard. The fence analogy really gives me much more clarity and understanding in how i should treat and view myself in relationship to others outside of me. For the most reason this is truly why i fear relationships because i don’t want to relive the past traumas i have underwent most of my life. These podcasts are truly educating me and reshaping my perspective on how things should be addressed when it comes to my self worth and reclaiming who I am and taking back my power. Much LOVE JAHSUN BLESSINGS UNTO YOU. YOUR QUEEN SHALL BE OF ABUNDANCE AND WEALTH.

    • JahSun says:

      Hey Christopher!
      As I read your comment, it was really parallel to much of my experience growing up. I’ll be talking about my inner-rage in an upcoming episode for SURE! I truly hope you stay close to the podcast, I’m preparing to record the next show in a few days. So much to unpack and heal — we might as well do it together.

      Thank for listening, sharing and taking this journey with me. So happy it’s been serving you!

      Happy Saturday πŸ™‚

  10. Cara says:

    I am so in awe of your special gifts. At the beginning of this podcast I was holding back tears and feeling the lashings you were getting, then towards the middle and end of the lesson, I was feeling contentment. Contentment knowing how far you have come and grown. Contentment that you opened the gate and let me in. Contentment that you are helping so many others who have or continue to struggle with their own voice. I am fortunate to get to hear your voice daily. It makes my work day so much better. The future is bright and I can’t wait to take the next journey. Thank you for friendship.

  11. Asiyah SeeSee Hanaan says:

    Your transparency and vulnerability is very much appreciated. I too am Healing, day by day- moment by moment. I Am ThankFull/Great-Full.

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