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Episode 1: Inner-child


For most of my life, I was in pain and I mean a lot of it.

You know, that inner-pain operating on the unconscious level wreaking havoc on one’s external reality?

Once I began to pay attention to the patterns, and how they were repeating themselves, I decided to embark on a journey to
reconcile those wounds one-by-one.

After a few years of dedicating myself to my healing work (no one can do it for us), the fruits are a happier, well-balanced,
fully-functional and more peaceful life.

“I feel many people are faced with similar struggles regarding deep hurt(s) below the surface of their awareness, just like me. Because of that, I felt led to produce this podcast.”

It’s a super-personal share of my life’s journey – the obstacles and the triumphsI. I’ll be sharing how I learned to navigate
those big emotions while transforming my pain into personal power, resulting into the man I am today.

The sincere hope is that my story serves the world in some small way. I’m no expert. This is simply my view based on my
own experiences. Extract what you sense may work for you and leave the rest.

If you’re here listening to this show and are in pain, please know You’re Not Alone! (And that you’re SO loved).

Lastly, we each have the capacity to create the life we desire and deserve. All it takes is a made-up mind, true commitment to improve each day,and an open heart. Trust me, you got this.

So let the healing begin!