Peace. JahSun here.

So good to be with you today. If you’ve been following me for a little while, then you are fully aware that I had double hernia surgery back in December 2016. I have really had a challenging time with my recovery, but I am happy to report that this entire week, I’ve had zero pain, which is amazing.

That means my body is finally getting back to its normal state. I’ve been in pain literally every day since December 15th of last year so just to be here, I feel blessed.

While away, I’ve had a lot of quiet time to consider how I can improve my levels of service to you , and a large part of that is sharing more about the work I do.

I’ll be doing a whole NEW BLOG in addition to my audio podcast, but the blog is going to cover a myriad of different things, primarily painting and my process, bringing you behind the scenes, letting you see sketches, letting you hear about my thought process, what my inspiration is at the moment, and taking you through the journey from beginning to end of how I create my work.

Each artist has a completely different creative process, and I want you – a supporter of my art – to know more about mine.



Speaking of latest and greatest, I have “The Maiden” here and as you can see, she’s a pretty large painting. She’s 24 by 36, and I am about 55% percent done and she’s already sold. So a huge blessing because that’s the way I continue to be able to create more art.

All right. But for now, let’s talk a little bit about the painting.

Many retreat to the ocean. They seek the water for healing. To get recharged, and that’s what the goddess is doing here. She has such a relationship with nature that she actually has become part of the loop, you know, because water is life-bringing. As she goes to get recharged, she actually starts to create life and supporting life underwater. Her hair actually becomes a coral reef.

She also serves.

It’s very important, I think, for us to remember that mankind doesn’t sit outside of nature.


Rather, we are one with it.

The painting is also reminding us to take great care with Mother Earth. To love her, to respect her, and to develop a deeper, more sensitive, intimate relationship with her so all of the blessings and healing that we need can be found in the Earth. There’s the water, the soil, the grain, the seeds, you know, it’s the air. It’s all here for us, all of it, but it’s not ours. It’s only ours to caretake. It is only ours to caretake and to develop a healthy relationship with.


Are you that person who retreats to the ocean to heal?? 

You’re invited to share your comments about this painting, your feelings about our beloved ocean, or anything else for that matter. I read and reply to every single comment personally.

I’m excited to be posting this on the final day of 2017, NYE.

(Whew!, The year went quickly!!)

Let’s transition into 2018 FEAR-less-LY – Standing in TRUTH.

Wherever you are, know I’m Sending you so much Light + Love.


“When I first saw JahSun working on “The Maiden”, I felt this immediate connection with her. Right then I knew I had to have her. When I received her, while opening up the package I could smell the incense all around her.  I hung “The Maiden” in my room, she brings an amazing energy of Peace and Serenity in my home.  Thank you JahSun for this lovely lady.” – Diana  

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