Episode 1: Inner-child


For most of my life, I was in pain and I mean a lot of it.

You know, that inner-pain operating on the unconscious level wreaking havoc on one’s external reality?

Once I began to pay attention to the patterns, and how they were repeating themselves, I decided to embark on a journey to
reconcile those wounds one-by-one.

After a few years of dedicating myself to my healing work (no one can do it for us), the fruits are a happier, well-balanced,
fully-functional and more peaceful life.

“I feel many people are faced with similar struggles regarding deep hurt(s) below the surface of their awareness, just like me. Because of that, I felt led to produce this podcast.”

It’s a super-personal share of my life’s journey – the obstacles and the triumphsI. I’ll be sharing how I learned to navigate
those big emotions while transforming my pain into personal power, resulting into the man I am today.

The sincere hope is that my story serves the world in some small way. I’m no expert. This is simply my view based on my
own experiences. Extract what you sense may work for you and leave the rest.

If you’re here listening to this show and are in pain, please know You’re Not Alone! (And that you’re SO loved).

Lastly, we each have the capacity to create the life we desire and deserve. All it takes is a made-up mind, true commitment to improve each day,and an open heart. Trust me, you got this.

So let the healing begin!


  1. Paula Marie says:

    Thank you for doing this Jahsun! This was very helpful to me and I do see myself finally communicating with that child from an adult standpoint. Instead of acting like a hurt child. Oh it has taken me so long……lol Peace.Love.Light Paula 🙂

    • JahSun says:

      Hi Paula,

      Firstly, I so hear you! Took me 40+ years, AND thank God we made it. Some may not ever make that connection in this life. Secondly, thanks for listening!!!

      Bless ~

  2. Naomi Harris says:

    Greetings Jah sun. I stole some time this morning to listen to the podcast….eyes closed. I would like to commend you for bravely sharing your healing journey… It must have been a challenging journey to the space of sharing with such openness… Yet the words seem to flow with ease and grace….I feel the sincerity of the words and emotions~ found this very helpful as I too have began to work with the what I refer to as “the little sister inside”…imagining myself as a child, what would I wish for her? What would I do to for my sister, daughters anyone in terms of feeling worthy and attempting to apply it to I. Deep trauma has found its home in the heart chakra of many….give thanks for shining some light and guidance for those on a similar journey both new and seasoned. Truly full joyed listening and I look forward to the day I may have the courage to share I story… Both what has happened and the overcoming…. Big respect for the works being done. The light in me honors the light in you; Jah bless~

    • JahSun says:

      Hi Naomi!

      So happy to hear that you found it useful. That makes it all very worthwhile. I commend you on your growth, I’m certain that will continue. Keep shining.

      One love ~

  3. Thank you for this. It really does help when people find they are not alone. It helps when the people you look up to have your same struggles and helps one not to feel bad about who they are. It’s help people to realize to be proud of who they are, flaws and all and the healing can start to begin.

    Thank you my Brother!

  4. Ah, JahSun! During the first few minutes I struggled to keep tears from making me sob and snivel. Being able to cry is a good thing, a strength that can show you’re connected to your emotions. But, I wanted to really really hear every word. So, I held them in as I in awe kept listening. Your voice, words, the journey with your Jorge your inner child is in some ways similar to mine, yet I used the method of bioenergetics. Working with body, mind and soul- and always back to where it all emerge from- the heart. It’s the most painful, hard thing I’ve ever done but then the far most beautiful and rewarding. I loved listen to you. I believe things happen for a reason. Today, you’re the reason, this journey you’re taking me/us on is the thing happening for a reason. I say Sat Nam and thank you, I’m so frikkin’ moved 😉 <3

    • JahSun says:

      Well, where do I start. LOL!

      I’m so humbled by what you’ve shared with me (us). I super proud of you too!!!

      This work is 100% organic, meaning I just spoke from my heart. I used no notes. I believe that’s just the way Spirit works with me, so I just allow it. We have much more to day. Grateful you’ve decided to join the journey – back to self.

      Much love from the States ~

  5. Christopher Buckland says:

    When you began to say the 7 steps. I started. to cry right when you said trust. The emotions slightly overwhelmed me.I am indeed in a lot of pain most of my childhood has been repressed due to the trauma i tell myself you will not cry and hold it in. Somedays i feel as if i dont matter here dont want to live sometimes.And for some reason i find some days easier than the others where I can smile. Trust is the biggest one more and more i feel im sinking into a darkness i cant climb out of because of the schemas i have developed about people.This indeed has resonated with me deeply i look forward to edifying my inner child with yoyr words of love and encouragement

    • JahSun says:

      Whew! CHRIS!!!!! I am so with you, so much so. Trust was the thing tripping me up too.
      Then I realized, I didn’t trust me —- so my external trust issues where being generated through me. Like I said in the audio, I had to learn how to “Trust Me” again. Once I did, trust-worthy people showed up. Overnight! Please stay encouraged, and email mail if you need to: faristudiosart@gmail.com Listen, don’t think I haven’t entertained the notion of
      hurting my self in the past. I did. And I’m so happy that it was nothing more than a fleeting thought that I DID NOT have to “attach to (believe)” or identify with…those would be choices, just like not entertaining them. Plus, if I had acted on that, we couldn’t be talking right now. And I for one, are happy to be talking with you. Head up. The days ahead will bring both Sun and Rain. We need them both.You are intended to whether this weather. We can go together too!

      Peace ~

  6. Michelle says:

    You are courageous and inspiring. This is going to be more epic than anything else you have done. You are going to help many! Blessings 🙏🏼

    • JahSun says:

      Thank you! I’d start by picking up the book “Home Coming” by Bradshaw. It’s good work! Google the topic as well.

      Blessings to you ~

  7. Francine Ponticelli says:

    That was beautiful and so poignant. I have several people in mind I’m going to share this with. In such a confusing world and time it’s a true blessing that someone such as yourself is helping others to harness their light. Keep moving brother.

    • JahSun says:

      Thank you, Francine! Your support is so critical to getting this medicine out to the world. I appreciate you sharing it!!!

      Light and Love ~

    • JahSun says:

      WOW! I’m very moved, and grateful to hear it. Find me on instagra: Faristudiosart. I’m most active there, for now :).

  8. Monica says:

    Jahsun! I already sent you a message directly, but I just have to express again how beautiful and powerful this episode was.
    I have been skirting around the healing of my inner child for a few years now and this is another reminder of why the time to heal is now! Thank you for what you are doing. I am so grateful!

    • JahSun says:

      Hi Monica!
      Delighted to hear that you enjoyed episode 1, and that it may lead to you checking in with Lil’ Monica. I bet she’s been longing to connect with you, just like George was with me. Be well ~

  9. Kay says:

    I am happy I am healthy and I am whole !!!!!!!! Yes
    👍🏽👍🏽 ✌🏾❤️✨ yes being positive is a work in progress always…. been on this journey for about 3 years it’s hard and sometimes I want instant gratification but I know the process will take time cause it didn’t happen over night. I am learning patience through all over this. Thanks for your story. Yes I love yoga.

  10. Tracey Lin Miller says:

    Hi JahSun and Jorge, It’s really great meeting you Jorge, I’d like you guys to meet Diana, she’s my lil me. I’ve been doing inner child work for many years. I even developed a program from the work that I did for us and call it “The Onion Process”. I chose that name because inner work is like peeling an onion, layer after layer after layer, and all of it makes me cry. Of course, I don’t cry so much now, but the rivers flowed for a very long time.
    One of the things I learned from my healing process is that no one actually ever hurt me on purpose. They didn’t understand what they were doing and I/Diana, didn’t have the tools to deal with it so I felt pain. They didn’t understand how they made me feel neglected, unloved, strange and not the same as others. They just didn’t know any better. I regret none of it because it made me compassionate toward others. I just had to learn to have that same compassion for us. I’m getting there because I still sometimes forget to ask if by doing something for or being a certain way with them is going to cause neglect in some way to us. It’s really hard to always remember that in a world that teaches you responsibility for others and little for yourself. The healing never ends, I’m sure. I’ve learned that it’s our individual choice to choose how we feel about anything and we don’t have to choose pain. Always love you, JahSun and Jorge. Glad you guys did this.

    • JahSun says:

      The Onion Process. YES!!! That’s exactly what it feels like, and I agree – never truly ending.

      I, too, cry less and less as the journey deepens.

      Nice to meet you, Diana ~

  11. Simrit says:

    Super Sweet Sharing, Brother. Enjoyed your candid story about Jorge! Helps us all to relate to that inner child. Thank you for creating a safe place to explore these realms.

  12. Sandy L. says:

    Thank you and I am grateful that you have started this and shared such an intimate part of you. I have been on the journey of self healing and happiness for quite sometime. I will definitely become reacquainted with my inner child beginning with a letter.

  13. Arlene C Roberts says:

    Just listened to this for probably the 15th time. Experiencing a new emotion each time. Wow. Cilla and I are doing so well.

  14. Brooklyn says:

    This was beautiful…and I am ready to open that door and get to know my own inner child. Thank you for sharing.

    • JahSun says:

      That’s awesome, Brooklyn! Super proud of you —- feel free to keep me posted on your discovery of “Self”.

      Much peace ~

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